Montserrat CheckerboardMontserrat celebrates the work of our students each spring during what is known as Open House Weekend. Due to the pandemic of the last several semesters, the actual awards ceremony  and open house was not held, but students were still presented the annual scholarship awards. 

The mission of Open House is to recognize and to honor the accomplishments of student artists and scholars, and to see and share the college’s creative spirit. This annual weekend event (when safe to be held) includes the enjoyment of visual and literary art forms and social activities involving the entire college community, the public, alumni, parents, friends and future students of Montserrat College of Art.

For the 2021-2022 Academic Year, the following awards were presented:


2022 Showcase Awards & Scholarships

Thomas Brassard Memorial Scholarship- Monique Merillat

Thomas Brassard Memorial Scholarship – Precious Agyeman

Thomas Brassard Memorial Scholarship – Max Dankert

Fran F. Carreiro Scholarship – Daniel Gimenez

Lisa Elwell Artist Encouragement Fund – Rebecca Klein

Ruth Mann Scholarship – Dylan Giunta

Donna Maria Twarog Scholarship – Jessica Matos

Bridget Von Metzsch Scholarship – Lesley Garcia

Beth Zion Scholarship – Savanah Cornell

Alumni Scholarship – Josue Bessiake

The William & Ruth Scholarship in Fine Arts – Kaleela Greenlee

Montserrat Family Student Award – Andrea Ann Kennedy

Carol Schlosberg Memorial Scholarship – Morghan Elena Schnoll

Lawrence M. and Frances Swan Smith Scholarship – Marc Elie Mordan

Amos Lemon-Burkhart Scholarship – Gwyn Kadish

Amos Lemon-Burkhart Scholarship – Dylan Silva

Presidential Professional Practice Award – Jessica Saab

Steven Richard Photography Scholarship – Matt Quinney

Interdisciplinary Concentration Award – Alexia Avila

Photo, Video, Film Concentration Award – Kris Ponce

Printmaking Concentration Award – Dillon Fitzgerald

Painting Concentration Award – Josue Bessiake

Sculpture Concentration Award – Rowan Fay Hoyt

Illustration Concentration Award – Allison Codner

Internship Award – Victoria Vecchiarello

Book Arts Concentration Award – Travis Lawless

Foundation Award – Finnley Lewis

Foundation Award – Taylor Whitcomb

Foundation Award – Erin Survilas

Foundation Award – A Persaud

Foundation Award – Aoife Bergeron

Graphic Design Concentration Award – Thea Cannon

Graphic Design Concentration Award – Typography – Kara Hammond

Animation & Interactive Media Concentration Award – Max Foster