Omega Point

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Our show is about tying together elements of space and color through two dimensional and three dimensional works, in a way that plays with surfaces and patterns while bringing in our own experiences and personalities as the basis for our content. Each of us utilize overlapping elements throughout our work, for example: the use of sculptural form within Jylik, Jaime, and Matthews three dimensional works, which form connection to the elements of shape, space, and depth within Shannon, Jack, and Matthews two dimensional works. 

Whether it be through abstraction or figuration, each of us hone in on the fundamental presence of the elements of art  (i.e. space, color, abstraction, figuration) and apply various contemporary approaches. Through this we explore the line between the real and the abstract, during a time where this line is fleeting.



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Jylik Donell Buissereth, born and raised in New York City, has pursued art since childhood. Attending the High School of Art and Design allowed him to explore graphic design as an artistic passion, but he did not begin to fully flourish as an artist until declaring sculpture as his major in college. During his time at the Montserrat College of Art he has made discoveries about himself, both personally and artistically, that have contributed to the culmination of his works’ particular contemporary style. With the clash of bright toxic colors and stimulating designs, born from his love of graffiti and street art, Jylik channels all the contemporary culture and influence he absorbs into artistic expressions of the mind. He has exhibited in several shows across campus, namely the I/Object Show as well as The Thing Is, both held in Montserrat’s 301 Gallery.


Hello, My name is Sylvia Burger and I am a 21 year old multidisciplinary artist, I study sculpture at Montserrat College of art. I am also a painting instructor at ArcWorks community art center. I enjoy being a part of the North Shores thriving art community.




Jack Fay: Born in 1997 in Leominster, Ma, Jack Fay started his art practice at an age that even he cannot remember. He started with painting classes that took place inside a building that was later demolished for being too old in downtown Gardner. From there, Jack attended various classes offered by the Fitchburg Art Museum until attending highschool at Cushing Academy.  At Cushing, he studied under Robert Johnson, who taught the processes of watercolor, photography, oil painting, and silversmithing. Jack fell in love with painting, and worked diligently throughout his highschool career taking two painting classes each semester. Moving forward, Jack knows he can find happiness through painting and will always continue to paint.



Jaime Fox is a 22 year old artist from Framigham, MA. She has her BFA from Montserrat College of Art in Beverly, MA, with a concentration in painting and a special interest in sculpture and installation art. Jaime has shown in local galleries within her home town including Fireseed Arts, where she completed her internship in the summer of 2019. She has also been showcased in school run exhibitions and events, including: Artrageous!33, Color and Abstraction: Students respond to Hofmann, I/Object, The Thing Is and more. Growing up on a budget, she has always been one to use and reuse all materials as sparingly as possible, leaving little byproduct to go to waste. This lifestyle mixed with her excessive need to collect has led to her art practice today, which has much to do with collecting and reusing materials that make up each piece.


Shannon Herrick is an artist from Woodstock, Vermont. She has received her BFA from Montserrat College of Art, with a concentration in painting and a minor in art history. Shannon has been creating abstract acrylic paintings since 2017, and has been exploring the use of line to create optical effects since 2018. She has combined use of line with her fascination with color and perception of color in her work. Shannon has exhibited her work in many shows held at Montserrat Galleries such as The Artists Notebook, Image and object, many Open House exhibitions, and more. She has also exhibited work in other shows such as Crane Estate, Art Show & Sale: Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water, in 2018, and the inaugural show Into the Mystic, at Porter Gallery in Cambridge, MA in 2020.


Matthew Rucki was born and raised in Jackson, New Jersey. With a BFA in painting from Montserrat College of Art, he studies the complexities of portraiture and figuration through paint, collage, and sculpture, utilizing a bold and expressive color palette. Rucki often consults his growing library of art history books to see how past artists have answered the similar questions he faces now when painting a face, sculpting a figure, or arranging colored pieces of paper in a collage.  Spanning across many media, Matthew has been a part of several student exhibitions across Montserrat’s campus in Beverly, MA (including a joint exhibition in
conjunction with the Peabody Essex Museum in 2019), as well as participating in many online art sales and exhibitions through ArtStartArt in Austin, TX.