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301 Gallery · March 24–28, 2020

Each artwork shares insights and moments from the perspective of the artist’s world whether it be a fantasy world of rabbits and scissors or a world grounded in the morality of sinners and saints. We each capture fleeting moments of inspiration into permanent fixtures of paint, sculpture, and the blunt photograph, and arrange them into this collective of shared perspective. 

The artists belong together because they share the same passion to create images that are important to their life and world. They want to capture the rules, time and space of their environment, and give the public a chance to be enveloped into their world.  The painters share similar loves of bold color and their method of abstraction, the sculptor and photographer share a realistic view of personal world boundaries, and the creative inbetweeners share a sight only they can describe and see through the strange and fantastical.  It is a collective of line, color and shape that inserts you into the abode of the artists and how they arrange the moment. 

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Vanessa Wyman – Shares the behind the scenes of car culture and the essence of the true car girl/guy without the shiny new top coat of most show cars. She explores the nitty and the gritty of the car in the garage with her photography. 


Melissa DiCostanzo – Exploits the nature of the sins and virtues after having to go to church for most of her life. She unlocks the true meaning of the good and the bad, and what topples along their edges through interdisciplinary works of sculpture and the 2D image. 


Gabrielle Gomez– Captures the alienation of anxiety through painted images and 3D works on and from unconventional materials. Anxiety creates a separate dimension where time and space are lost and you are left alone with the physical remnants of a mental war.


Hunter Lamore – Captures the movement and emotion of looking at environmental waters and their struggle. She uses ink to capture the light that makes it look like water rippling. 


Margaret Skerry – She plays with different materials to collage and paint moments of inspiration from nature. The chaotic energy alluding to the destructive, yet alluring visuals of nature. 


Dillian McGahey – The world of Rabbit and Scissors in all its absurdity and where no human logic applies. These pressure prints allow them to share a world in which no one else can relate or navigate aside from them and their characters. 


Jared Adams – Tries to capture fleeting moments of time that comes from the current fast-paced culture of today.  He uses his paintings to create the moment that passes a little more permanent so that we can have the chance to finally appreciate them before they vanish. 


Susan Drennan – Catches the warmth of the light she has appreciated since childhood in her nature paintings, along with the abundance of greens from the lush grass she often sat upon. She explores the variety life gives her through people’s faces, nature, and the companionship of pets. 

Disposition of the moment