Rose Olsen: Celebration & Conversation

Join us to celebrate the prolific painter and Montserrat Faculty Emeritus, Rose Olson!

This will be a joint reception with Rose’s longtime mentee and studio assistant, Cassandra Louise Baker ’01.

Location: Founders Gallery, 248 Cabot St, Beverly, MA

“I have always been interested in the color of almost anything. Even iridescent nail polish on the hands and feet of women riding the subway fascinates me. But I am especially excited by color created with changing light. I try to emulate hues in the moving sky, the sea and neon lights. The colors of nature, the colors of culture and many works of art inform my paintings.

Contemporary materials of industrial plywood and liquid paints make this present work possible. Plywood veneers reveal the unique grain of what was once a tree. With liquid acrylics I can build my painting in many transparent and translucent films of color softly layered with my brush-marks, while still revealing and interacting with that specific grain of wood. That wood-grain, as unique as our thumbprints, contributes to both the structure and the content of each painting.

Multiple color layering and some opaque hard-edge banding contributes to the spatial and color changing effects of the painting when the viewer moves, or the actual light changes, revealing, in a sense, another way of seeing that world.”