Community Members:

As we navigate our own work, worries and lives, the events of the past week remind us once again that the daily work of anti-racism is our obligation and duty to each other. 

Part of that work is to acknowledge great injustice when it occurs in our world. I have been deeply saddened by the events in Georgia and the many events of racism that have unfolded in the United States and abroad. The violence against Asians is intolerable, as are any acts of racism against people of color anywhere.

In my reflection on the murders in Georgia specifically, I want to point out the evil duality of it. It is an event that highlights the evils of racism and misogyny. The victims were victimized again when the Captain in the Sheriff’s Office made it a point to mention that the murderer was “having a bad day”. 

We need to make note of these injustices and make sure that we are lights in the darkness when they occur by keeping the pressure up on people that continue to make excuses for those that do evil against other people. 

Please be a voice every day that does not normalize or create an atmosphere of tolerance for acts of racism.

These are some resources that could be helpful in your discussions and processing of these recent acts of violence.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice (

Asian Americans for Equality (

Ways to Support and Donate (

Be well