Opening Activities

The 2018-19 academic year kicked off with move in days for 370 new and returning students. New President Kurt Steinberg joined with other staff, orientation leaders and resident assistants, to help students get settled in, meet their families and hear their goals for their education at Montserrat.

President Kurt with Orientation Leaders and Resident Assistants

Move in days were followed by several days of orientation activities for new students, including Paint Wars, an annual Montserrat tradition. (See video clip below.)Students are divided into “armies” of different colors who march to Dane Street beach and using foam “swords” splash paint at each other. Donning cardboard helmets and shields, none were spared from the barrage of paint hurled at them from competing “armies.” President Steinberg joined the students in battle as he was initiated into the community. The students provided him with a white bowtie to wear for the occasion. (photo at right)

On August 29, the first day of classes, students, faculty and staff attended Convocation at the First Baptist Church. The community was greeted by President Steinberg, Academic Dean Brian Pellinen, Student Voice President Rose Sauriol and Liberal Arts Division Chair Assoc. Prof. Erin Dionne, each of whom offered inspiring thoughts to get the year off to a great start. You can view the full speech by President Kurt Steinberg and read the other speeches below.

The Class of 2022 had a class photo taken on the steps of the Beverly Public Library, another Montserrat tradition. The photo will show up again in four years at the Class of 2022 Commencement activities.

President Steinberg plans to meet with students monthly during informal meetings and lunches around campus. Welcome to the 18-19 academic year!


Montserrat College of Art Convocation 2018 from Montserrat College of Art on Vimeo.


Class of 2022

Paint Wars 2018
Wednesday, August 29

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2018 Convocation Speeches