Montserrat College of Art offers a wide variety of art, design and writing programs in a student-centered environment that’s fun, rigorous and collaborative. Whatever your passion, you’ll find classes, gallery shows and ideas that inspire you.

Art Education

Montserrat’s Art Education minor allows students to deepen their art-making practice by learning how to teach others. Students with an Art Education minor are strong candidates for jobs in…Read More…

Curatorial Studies

Montserrat’s Curatorial Studies minor allows students to improve their abilities to critique and edit their own work, as well as others’ work, while building a foundation for art criticism and theory. Students with a Curatorial Studies minor are strong candidates for jobs in galleries, museums, and education, as well as graduate programs in curating, education, and arts-related non-profit work.

Art History

Fred Lynch in a Class

Montserrat’s Art History Minor provides an opportunity for students with a keen interest in art history to further develop their knowledge of the history and context of the visual arts. Students go beyond the survey…Read More

Entrepreneurship in the Arts

Montserrat’s Entrepreneurship in the Arts minor prioritizes professional practice and career preparedness for creative-minded students interested in jobs related to business enterprise, especially in the areas of marketing and design.

Creative Writing

Computer Lab

Montserrat’s Creative Writing Minor allows our art students to focus on developing their interest in the artistic practice of writing creatively in a challenging program. Pairing nicely with the studio concentration…Read More


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