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June 26, 2023

  • Unpaid Internship
  • Anywhere

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The Study Breaks team is composed of creative undergraduate students from across the country, all of who work hand-in-hand with staff supervisors to help them grow their portfolios and improve their craft.

Since 2015, Study Breaks has offered students a platform — both print and digital — to share their work and speak to millions of readers. Through all four of our internships, whether you’re just starting out or have been creating for years, you’ll find a fine-tuned program designed to make you better at what you love doing, all while working within your schedule and from your own home.

To apply, make sure to first download and read the specifics of each program. Then, fill out the fields below and we’ll get in touch with you within a few days.

The Basics

All internships:

  • Last four months
  • Are unpaid
  • Are remote
  • Can count toward school credit
  • Require 10-15 hours/week
  • Involve weekly assignments and scheduled feedback sessions


To apply for this job please visit