ICON is an annual art convention held by Montserrat College of Art in collaboration with Paper Asylum that gives students and alumni a chance to sell and showcase their work! 

This year ICON will be held virtually with an official release in early November. Montserrat students and alumni interested in being showcased and linked via ICON2020 can either email us now at icon@montserrat.edu or keep an eye out for the ICON2020 application form.

For students and alumni interested in starting their own online shop or are in need of a refresher, Ashlee Beadle ‘17, will be running a two part workshop series on setting up and running an online business. 

Part 1: Setting up an Online Store Tuesday September 15, 2020, 7:30pm
Google Meet link https://meet.google.com/qeh-udji-jsx

Part 2: Selling Your Own Merch  Tuesday September 29, 7:30
Google Meet Link  https://meet.google.com/qeh-udji-jsx

Paper Asylum LogoFeel free to join us at either event. No pre registration necessary.  If you are planning to participate in ICON2020 and want your work potentially included in our promotional materials please send: (1) your name (2) year of graduation (or expected graduation) and (3) an image or two of your work to icon@montserrat.edu. Please also be in touch if you have any questions about ICON2020.

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