Montserrat college of art offers a wide variety of art, design and writing programs in a student-centered environment that’s fun, rigorous and collaborative. whatever your passion, you’ll find classes, gallery shows and ideas that inspire you.

Montserrat’s Foundation Program launches you into your arts education at Montserrat through both intensive studio courses as well as liberal arts courses that hone the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed over the next four years. The Foundation Program draws connections across all forms of media, and also gives you opportunities to explore elective studio courses of your own choosing.

Studio I & II

In your Foundation Studio courses, you will explore form, space, and representation in 2D, 3D, and even 4D mediums. You will dive into technology relevant to the current art world and even learn to manage independent projects. Studio practice is augmented with small research assignments, readings, and discussions pertaining to current events in contemporary art as they relate to your coursework.

Observation I & II

Two core observation classes provide a comprehensive introduction to direct observation in two and three dimensions. You will learn to observe and implement figure/ground relationships, compositional issues, relative position and proportion, and more.

Color: Material and Light

Through this team-taught, interdisciplinary course, you will gain an understanding of color theory and practical usage through hands-on making, individual- and team-based projects, and critiques. The course also features an interrelated series of lectures; research, writing, and reading assignments; class discussions; and museum and gallery visits. During the semester, you will explore the history and application of color; investigate the physics, psychology, and cultural ramifications of color across media; and explore connections between material and meaning through art historical and contemporary studio practices.

Liberal Arts

Immerse yourself in Art History and English Composition courses to develop communication, critical thinking, and research skills.

Studio Electives

Round out your Foundation experience by choosing elective courses in any medium starting in your first semester.

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