Drafts, Drawings, and Doodles: Works on Paper by Montserrat College of Art Staff

Founders Gallery 248 Cabot Street, Beverly, MA, United States

Drawing is an integral part of diverse arts practices, whether as a preliminary sketch or finished illustration. Drawings, Drafts, and Doodles highlights a range of media and artistic approaches by Montserrat College of Art staff, underscoring the importance of drawing and the wildly different drawing styles of members of Montserrat's creative community. Reception Date Forthcoming


Montserrat Gallery 23 Essex St, Beverly, MA, United States

Plush is a group exhibition that explores references to and uses of stuffed toys in a range of artistic practices that extend beyond contexts of childhood.

Cold, Tenderly: Shoe Bones Presents Three Exhibits

Carol Schlosberg Gallery 23 Essex St, Beverly, MA, United States

Cold, Tenderly is a series of three exhibitions curated by Frankie Symonds, artist and Founder/Director of Shoe Bones Gallery in Salem, MA.  Through a range of artistic approaches and media, including photography, painting, video, and drawing, each exhibition probes different psychological states of being—from love and vulnerability to guarded indifference and absurdity. Cold, Tenderly seeks to...