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November 16, 2015 - November 21, 2015

Reception: Wed. November 18, 5 – 8pm

Gallery Hours
M – F 11:30am – 2:30pm
Sat. 12p – 5p

WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE features work by GG Burney, Alexander Iverson, Marisa Rasum, Shelby Rivers, Samuel Roberts, and Rachael Wentworth.

GG Burney‘s work explores the transcendental nature of cultural appropriation; from “ghetto” to “trendy”. Her current body of work hones in on specific inanimate objects and aesthetics that have become staples of techno-secular millennial culture by being accessed through a predominantly White lens.

Alexander Iverson is a graphic designer originally from Ellington, CT, moving after switching his concentration from painting to digital design. His body of work focuses on printed books and the data inside, juxtaposing opposite thematic words and analyzing the patterns that emerge.

Originally from Holliston MA, Marisa Rasum is a printmaker who admires the physicality of architecture but even more so the experience. Therefore, the ongoing theme of her work is “every experienced house.” She applies this theme through complex, illustrative ink drawings which transform into multi- processed prints and installations.
Shelby’s work is primarily influenced by her daily adventures. She collects data, and reiterates what she finds in drawings or “doodles” to better understand what she is seeing/hearing. Her car series, “ROUTine”, is a collection of drawings depicting everything found in her car, but she mainly enjoys the scientific aspects of the process, which includes research, categorization, and documentation. In her other work, she shows similar processes, resulting in a variety of finished designs.

Sam Roberts is a portrait and mixed-media artist, whose current work focuses on the the idea of adoption. while being adopted himself he draws from his own personal experiences and friends who were also adopted to create these pieces in attempt to bring light to the challenges and benefits from growing up adopted. Working in Acrylic, charcoal, pastel and ink, he works in black and white to not only emphasize the feeling but to also encourage the idea that these also represent memories.

Rachael Wentworth is a mixed-media collage artist from Raymond, NH. Her current works are inspired by the meditative qualities of the mandala and the relationships between colors, shapes, and materials which lend her paintings an active, playful quality. These paintings also focus on the juxtaposition of low-brow materials with a high-brow conceptual foundation and artistic practice, creating a fun and colorful visual utopia.