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Bare Gallery

February 8, 2021 - March 15, 2021

Gallery Hours
Open to Montserrat Community

sonder is an opportunity for viewers to slow down and recontextualize their own experience walking through Bare Gallery. In the past, Bare Gallery has been a space for presenting and displaying visual art. This exhibition works to establish a stronger connection between the participant and the environment, ultimately allowing for an unknown and unique experience.

A lightbulb and a clock imitate the sun and the moon. As the participant finds themselves between these two objects, they embody Earth and life. The participant rotates to see the moon keeping time, and the sun emitting light. Unlike outer space, this ‘inner space’ allows for an autonomous halt, creating a new pattern of physics.

Each participant is instructed to leave a mark on a notecard, white it out, and apply it to the wall with a tack. The act of marking the notecard allows for a transfer of energy and communication. The white out prevents a misinterpreted perception of the communication being left behind by x participant. Then, the participant punctures the wall with a tack, archiving evidence of energy, orbit, and trace.

Participants can remotely recreate this experience. By placing themselves between variations of lights and clocks, and pencils and paper, they welcome the awareness of life in themselves and their surroundings.

If you choose to recreate your sonder experience remotely, please share photos or videos with us via @bare.gallery on Instagram or [email protected].

Curated by Saya Norton ’22 and Lexi Palmberg ’21