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Montserrat Gallery

July 17, 2020 - September 12, 2020

Gallery Hours
M–F, 10am–5pm
Sat., 12–5pm

“Teresa Baker, Carly Glovinski, and Emma Rhodes redefine the structural design, patterns, and texture inherent in everyday materials. They create familiar objects that behave strangely and strange objects behave ordinarily. Their work is intentionally peculiar and precarious. It challenges our assumptions about the things we interact with every day, like the things we hold and the things that hold us. Some Glimpse of Life is an obfuscation of the familiar and strange– the behavior of objects and materials– the magnification of nostalgia and the overlooked– the moments of life and the everyday.”
–Kevin Lucey


Teresa Baker

Teresa’s mixed media work has much in common with gestural abstract painting, creating passages of saturated and gradient color and juxtaposed textures. Her often large-scale works evoke art historical antecedents from Rothko and Klee as well as traditional loom, map-making, and the natural topography of the Northern Plains. Her abstract “landscapes” however are not at all paintings — instead, she works in a collage-like method incorporating textiles and unconventional materials from AstroTurf to buffalo hide, felt to beads and basket-weaving. In this way, she honors both her modern aesthetic and the materials and cultural metaphors of her childhood. Baker is the newest recipient of the Ucross Foundation’s Fellowship for Native American Visual Arts.


Carly Glovinski

Rooted in observation and inspired by an interest in handicraft techniques and processes, Carly Glovinski makes paintings, sculpture, and works on paper that often teeter between representation and abstraction. Glovinski’s work often simulates or depicts everyday household objects and uses the geometric patterns and structures found in textiles as a springboard for exploring the abstract. Her practice is informed by the resourceful attitudes associated with the domestic craft tradition as well as a reverence for nature and the great outdoors.

Glovinski is represented by Morgan Lehman Gallery in New York, NY. She has been awarded residencies at the Studios at MASS MoCA (North Adams, MA); Teton ArtLab (Jackson, WY); and the Vermont Studio Center, and has received grants from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation, and the Blanche Colman Trust. She has had solo exhibitions at Colby Museum of Art (ME); Morgan Lehman Gallery; Indianapolis Contemporary; and Carroll and Sons (Boston, MA). 


Emma Rhodes

Drawing from a childhood enchantment with utilitarian objects, Emma Rhodes makes sculptures and textiles with a focus on the traditional craft of handweaving.

Rhodes’ work is an on-going study of materiality — a pairing of objects that are handmade with a delicate touch and items which are fabricated with utility and durability in mind. An emphasis is placed on the manner in which these works are displayed (bundled, piled, stacked, draped, folded) to create a scene that is simultaneously familiar and strange.

Rhodes has had solo exhibitions at The Hallway Gallery (Boston), Room 68 (Provincetown) and Anthropologie (Cambridge). Her work was included in the benchmark exhibition Fiberart International at the Society for Contemporary Craft (Pittsburgh) in 2016. Her studio is located in Dedham, Massachusetts.