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Remix: Illustrated Products by Emily Dumas

Carol Schlosberg Gallery

February 10, 2016 - March 5, 2016

Gallery Hours
M,T,W,F, 10am–5pm
Th, 10am–8pm
Sat., 12–5pm

Emily Dumas, image courtesy of the artist.

Montserrat College of Art is pleased to present Remixed: Illustrated Products, a solo exhibition featuring Emily Dumas, in the Carol Schlosberg Alumni Gallery. Dumas is an illustrator, surface designer and hand letterer based north of Boston. Her on-trend, whimsical imagery presents a light-hearted world, with friendly whales, crabs, and octopi inhabiting nautical themes, sushi arrayed in pleasing pastels, and adorable monsters saying phrases that recall beloved pet internet memes, such as “I can has hug?”

In Montserrat’s Carol Schlosberg Alumni Gallery visitors will find access to two sides of Dumas’ creative expression. One area focuses on production, with a clustered arrangement of original drawings beside a neatly lined shelf of framed prints. The other section translates the original, flat imagery into three dimensions. Dumas decides which of her designs to print onto specific products, including magnets, tea towels, socks, and throw pillows. The pastel hues and friendly, buoyant patterns create an inviting, shop-like effect for the gallery display.

“I’m looking forward to having my friends and family see this exhibition, because I think it will help them understand what I actually do,” said Dumas during the installation. In a world of screens, and with imagery that is well-adapted to being viewed as pixels, rather than in person, Remixed offers insight into the process that goes into making custom items.

In addition to surface design, where Dumas adapts her original drawings to a line of products, she also runs Flowers in May, a paper and gift company. Dumas has a BA in Graphic Design from Salem State University, where she currently teaches design and illustration. Dumas has been featured in publications such as: States of Terror, Chroma, and Work/Life. Recently, Dumas illustrated her first picture book Unicorn Park in collaboration with authors Chris and Sophia Lee.