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President’s Gallery

July 10, 2020 - December 10, 2020

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By appointment

My work draws inspiration from the worlds of pop culture, folklore and weird history. When working with pop culture and folklore, I take phrases and song lyrics and explore them through different typographic elements. Letterpress printing allows me to work directly with physical pieces of type, which limits what I am able to design with while pushing me to explore the same few typefaces in different ways. With these limitations I create designs that give common phrases new life, by emphasizing different words to influence how the reader perceives these phrases. When working with history, I embrace the history of letterpress printing as a means of spreading information in the form of newspapers and headlines. Taking design inspirations from the justified text in old newspapers, I create dense blocks of type with enough information to walk away with a knowledge of whatever topic is at hand. Letterpress printing is a process that is rife with tests and misprints. Instead of discarding these I hold on to them to create monoprints, layering different prints on top of one another until a new print is made. These become new, one of a kind pieces, retaining the process of how it was made with multiple layers distorting and abstracting letterforms and images that are often easily read and understood.

Jackson Haley is a letterpress printer living and working in Massachusetts. Graduating from Montserrat College of Art in 2018 with a concentration in printmaking, he then fell headfirst into the world of letterpress printing by interning at Hatch Show Print in Nashville, Tennessee soon after graduation. Upon returning to Massachusetts, he began working as a printer for letterpress shops in the Boston area, while building up a small print studio of his own to continue making prints. He is currently the printer for Albertine Press in Cambridge, has also printed for Goosefish Press and Smudge Ink and has taught workshops at The Brickyard Collaborative.