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November 30, 2015 - December 4, 2015

Reception: Wed. December 2, 5pm – 8PM

Gallery Hours
M – F 11:30am – 2:30pm

The work of Haley Anderson strives to achieve a balance between a control and spontaneity, while abstracting crystal structures. Veering away from tradition by breaking the rectangle, she tears the paper to create the desired form. From there, she proceeds to create large scale drawings that combine crystal structures with energetic mark making made by splattered ink.

Cyr’s work is an exploration of the concept of fantasy worlds and alternate realities.  Inspired by video games and the worlds that they build, she seeks to create glimpses into her own fabricated worlds through two-dimensional media. These worlds are often ambiguous in nature, giving them a dreamlike quality. Working intuitively, she uses printmaking techniques along with craft materials to make collages that best represent these places as they appear in her head.

Frana is an interdisciplinary artist currently focusing on found object, sculptural, installations. He uses construction materials to create environments that some have called drawings in space.  Frana’s work is abstract in nature and is left for the viewer to construct a meaning from.

Ciaran Gaffney grew up in Vermont, the Caribbean, and Montreal.  At Montserrat, they have spent their time in the Illustration track honing skills for a narrative approach, whether it be a single illustration, development for film and game, or in graphic novel format.  They utilize both digital and traditional tools. Enjoying gods, monsters, and passers-by who get swept up into those crowds, their Bowerbirds collection will be a culminating approach to these themes, a bestiary of both the sinister and the benevolent. Ciaran has a piece hanging in Montserrat’s Hardie lobby, has created and sold work at Artrageous28 and 29, and was accepted into the Society of Illustrators shows for ’14 and ’15. They hope to continue their independent endeavours and teach within the illustration field.

Derrick Jamison’s three 40×30 multimedia canvas depict three different social aspects; Colorism, Classism, and sneaker violence. He uses color and figures to express personal feeling in each aspect.

Primarily done in ink and digital color, Shae Vasile’s work explores the possibilities of illustration in package design.  Her current series of handmade bath products based on fairytales consists of label designs, limited edition posters, story cards, and overall packaging of the three different products.  Based on common and lesser known fairy tales, these illustrations not only drive a product but also offer an experience for the consumer.

Phoebe Warner is a sensory artist who uses intuition to inspire her time-based work. Through various media- three-dimensional puff paint, glitter, flocking, found objects, and ball-point pen- she tries to capture something intangible and give it physicality. Her ink drawings are visual portraits of the sensory feelings she observes in public. While in the studio, she focuses on adding intricate textures to old dysfunctional utilitarian objects as a meditative way to deal with the subjective world. Warner uses these components to curate maximalist installations that encourage hands-on audience participation.