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Montserrat Gallery

February 24, 2020 - February 28, 2020

Gallery Hours
M-F, 10am–5pm

Reception: February 28th, 6–8pm

My practice, as an interdisciplinary artist, stems from an intense investigation of time. I imagine time visually, as two parallel lines: the line of deep geologic time, and the line of one human life. The lines stretch ahead and behind with no end or beginning. Deep geologic time seems incomprehensible. We don’t know for certain its origin and we don’t know where it will end. However, a human life is equally uncertain. We are as ephemeral as a mountain range succumbing to erosion, or a glacier filled pass at the height of summer. We appear, linger and disappear. A vapor, to solid, to dispersal. Both lines of time exist inside our bodies, parallel, at two different scales.

-Leah Rafaela Ceriello

A component of this exhibition will be group re-performances and interpretations of Leah’s pieces.

Monday, February 24
2:00–7:00PM – the movement of grief

Tuesday, February 25
2:00–7:00PM – unMaking

Wednesday, February 26
1:00–7:00PM – 180 minutes/erratics

Thursday, February 27
2:00–7:00PM – Untitled (ice)

Friday, February 28
2:00–7:00PM – Untitled (stone/breath)
6:00–8:00PM – Closing Reception

Tuesday, March 3
Montserrat Gallery

Tuesday, March 10
Reflecting Presence – P2P Discussion
2nd Floor, Hardie Building