Adjunct Instructor – Foundation

Title – Adjunct Instructor, Foundation
Start Date – Fall Semester, 2020
Department – Foundation

FN Color: Material and Light.
Fridays: 9:00am-3:10pm

Position Description

An instructor in an introductory hybrid liberal arts/studio arts course on color.

Course Description

Students gain understanding of color theory and practical usage through hands-on making, individual- and team-based projects, and critiques. Concurrently, the course features a structured and interrelated series of lectures, research, writing, reading assignments & class discussions, as well as museum visits (in conjunction with other foundations courses). The course offers a survey of the history and application of color; investigates the physics, psychology, and cultural ramifications of color across media; and explores connections between material and meaning through art historical and contemporary studio practices. Students’ early interdisciplinary experiences lay the foundation for active and critical engagement with all aspects of their artistic education.

Studio 1 Course Objective

Understand the fundamentals of color theory and practice as put forth in an interdisciplinary setting that draws on histories, connotations, and contemporary uses of color in art, design, and society.


An M.F.A. in Fine Arts or related experience is required. At least three years higher education teaching experience preferred. Generalist in Design and/or Fine Arts with experience in at least three media. Some digital experience is required (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere or similar). Online teaching experience preferred.

Additional Requirements

Position takes place in an educational environment; manual dexterity to use computers is required.

The ability to lift heavy materials (30lbs).

The ability to sit and stand for extended periods of time.

To Apply

Please forward a letter of interest, a current resume/cv to the Human Resources department at

Montserrat College of Art,, with the subject line “Studio 1”

Please also include images of personal work and images of student work, and a course outline that includes the core concepts and learning objectives of the course. Application deadline: July 9, 2020.