Dodge Family Scholarship Fund

The impact of Steve Dodge among the community of Montserrat College of Art is one that cannot be overstated. Steve’s legacy was one of a tireless leader who influenced the college in countless ways through his generosity and unmatched commitment.  His primary goal was to extend the reach of Montserrat College of Art to a broader community of students through access to education, provided by scholarship support.

In honor of the leadership and vision Steve contributed to the college, Montserrat, along with the Dodge family, has instituted an endowed scholarship fund to celebrate his memory.  The Dodge Family Scholarship will provide significant annual support for students of merit. The endowed scholarship fund will exist in perpetuity to provide financial aid to qualifying students keeping Steve’s legacy a part of Montserrat for generations to come. The funds are invested with an annual yield providing tuition support.


As Steve so strongly understood, financial aid is an investment in talent and an opportunity to impact lives. At Montserrat, our mission is to provide an affordable, high quality education, which requires offering generous merit and need-based scholarships each year.  Many of our students are the first in their families to receive a college education and are only able to reach this achievement through the aid of scholarship support.  And while the majority of our students receive a level of financial assistance, the needs of our student population are far greater. 

The Dodge Family Scholarship will enhance critical support provided for students now and in the future while honoring Steve’s legacy. Financial aid is more than a means to an education.  It can transform lives with immediate impact, enhancing Montserrat’s ability to ensure an education that provides needed strategies for developing sustainable creative practices in the workforce for qualified students. 

This will be a living legacy and an initiative that was especially important to Steve. Montserrat is honored to recognize Steve’s impact through this fund and to carry on the support he and the Dodge family have shown for our Montserrat students.