FRIDAY, JULY 10, 2020

 Dear Montserrat Community Members, 

After a preview last week of our fall reopening, please see the Montserrat College of Art Fall 2020 Campus Reopening Plan,  Reopening Update #1, and Reopening Update #2 These documents are an introduction to the plans currently in place to create a healthy and safe place to learn, teach, study, live and work. We will continue to monitor the updates and changes to regulations being formulated by public health and government officials. This document will be updated as details are added and if guidance needs to be modified based on information from our consultants and official public health sources.

Over the next few months, this information will be shared again and again. We are living through an unprecedented moment, constantly learning new things, and frequently having to remind ourselves that things are not going to be exactly like they were in the past. There are many new behaviors we’ll have to learn and relearn. Through it all, I know that Montserrat will continue to be the very human and empathetic place it has always been. No matter the future, you can be assured that we will still be committed to ensuring that all of us will stay committed to our creative lives.

Most Sincerely,
President Kurt

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