Commencement 2020

Congratulations Montserrat Class of 2020!

Jared Patrick Adams – BFA Painting

Deanna Marie Amoia – BFA Photo/Video/Film

Jared C. Aprile – BFA Animation + Interactive Media

Zoië Star Bleau – BFA Sculpture

Jylik Donell Buissereth – BFA Sculpture – Minor: Entrepreneurship in the Arts

Sylvia Pearl Burger – BFA Sculpture

Arielle Marie Carlow – BFA Interdisciplinary Arts

Andrew M. Cook – BFA Graphic Design

Lys C. DelCampo – BFA Printmaking

Jackson Kenëdi Depril – BFA Interdisciplinary Arts

Warren Dickson – BFA Painting

Melissa Ann DiCostanzo – BFA Interdisciplinary Arts

Briel Marcianne DiDonato – BFA Illustration – Minor: Creative Writing

Claire Elizabeth DiIonno – BFA Graphic Design

Susan E. Drennan – BFA Painting – Minor: Curatorial Studies

Sophia Belen Dunzelman – BFA Painting

Dorian James Eason – BFA Animation + Interactive Media – Minor: Creative Writing

Jack Ryan Fay – BFA Painting

Tatianna J. Feliciano – BFA Animation + Interactive Media

Jaime Lee Fox – BFA Painting

Richard J. Fraser – BFA Graphic Design

Emma Mae Gallant – BFA Animation + Interactive Media – Minor: Creative Writing

Richelle Margaret Gilligan – BFA Printmaking

Gabrielle T. Gomez – BFA Art Education

Darion Greggs – BFA Interdisciplinary Arts – Minor: Creative Writing

Alexander Theodore Gunther – BFA Animation + Interactive Media – Minor: Creative Writing

Seth Michael Hart – BFA Illustration – Minor: Creative Writing

Allison Hali Heckman – BFA – Illustration

Shannon L. Herrick – BFA Painting – Minor: Art History

Nicole L. Hosking – BFA Graphic Design

Emma Idalei Ingalls – BFA Animation + Interactive Media – Minor: Creative Writing

Rebecca Jones – BFA Book Arts

Natalia Klimchuk – BFA Illustration – Minor: Art History

Hunter Leigh Lamore – BFA Painting

Annie Lee-Daly – BFA Interdisciplinary Arts

Aaron Matthew Lonergan – BFA Printmaking – Minor: Creative Writing

Brittany Jane Mackenzie – BFA Illustration

Brendan Joseph Maida – BFA Animation + Interactive Media

Jessica Manning – BFA Animation + Interactive Media

Genevieve Marie Marques – BFA Illustration – Minor: Creative Writing

Dillian K. McGahey – BFA Printmaking – Minor: Art History

Kelly Jean McNulty BFA – Interdisciplinary Arts

Francisco J. Vásquez Medina – BFA Photo/Video/Film

Cailee Elizabeth Mitchell – BFA Graphic Design

Cayla Helen Montes BFA – Photo/Video/Film

David Joseph Mshar BFA – Painting

Denali Suzanne Musgrave – BFA Printmaking

Sean Philip Painter – BFA Interdisciplinary Arts – Minor: Art Education

Nathan Devon Peddie – BFA Illustration

Nicole Azirys Perez-Rodriguez – BFA Illustration – Minor: Creative Writing

Zaruga Philips – BFA Graphic Design

Cliff Vincent Pierre – BFA Animation + Interactive Media

Katie E. Robinson – BFA Illustration

Matthew D. Rucki – BFA Painting

Steven Paul Rudin – BFA Graphic Design

Theresa Rose Sauriol – BFA Art Education

Alyssa M. Schadhauser – BFA Illustration

Margaret Anne Skerry – BFA Painting

Gabriela Luisa Sorrentino – BFA Printmaking

Christopher Alexander Williams – BFA Animation + Interactive Media

Vanessa Lynne-Betty Wyman – BFA Photo/Video/Film

Mareson Grippaldi Yates – BFA Photo/Video/Film

Zeynep Begum Yurtsever – BFA Photo/Video/Film

2020 Senior Yearbook

Because the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is not fully re-opened and there are a number of limits to gathering sizes and the types of events that can and cannot be held, Montserrat has canceled commencement that was planned for September 12. At the moment, gatherings are limited to 25 people and in the next reopening phase, likely in September, that number will increase to only 50 people. As a result of these restrictions and the travel restrictions for students and families from out-of-state, Montserrat is forced to forego this year’s Commencement Ceremonies and planned Senior Week activities.  

After months of trying to find a way to safely gather to hold commencement, the college has concluded that there is no way to move forward keeping graduates, their families and Montserrat’s community participants safe.

In making the announcement to the graduates on July 30, President Kurt Steinberg said, “We understand that this is difficult information. When we made the decision to postpone Commencement events to September, we honestly thought by fall, the world would find itself in a safer place. Sadly, circumstances are out of our control and have led us to make this choice.

“We are so proud of our your accomplishments and that you are now an alumnus of Montserrat! We hope you enjoyed our short video below on official graduation day and the signs around campus. We expected that to be the start of the celebration as we waited for the virus to pass. All of us who hoped to celebrate you are sorry that was not the case.”

When things are better, we intend to hold an alumni weekend that will highlight the Class of 2020. Until then, we hope you and your loved ones stay safe and healthy.