Commencement 2020 – Fall

Congratulations Montserrat Class of 2020!

Alexcis Ausanio-Moses – BFA   A + IM*

Kyle James Bernhart – BFA Illustration

Joshua I. Bonifaz – BFA Interdisciplinary Arts

Chris J. Carchipulla – BFA Photo/Video/Film

Nelson Jariel Castro – BFA A + IM*

Nathaniel P. Cioffi – BFA Graphic Design

Oswald B. Church – BFA Illustration

Taryn E. Crannell – BFA A + IM*

Amy LW Curtis – BFA Illustration

Leslie Catherine Dami – BFA Graphic Design

Fidencio E. Dapretta – BFA Photo/Video/Film

Gretchen Rose Darche – BFA Sculpture

Emily Lynn Davis – BFA Painting

John David DeBusk – BFA Painting

Paige M. Dempster – BFA Graphic Design

Daniel Dezendorf – BFA Illustration

Julia Marie Donigan – BFA Illustration

Laurel Rachele Driskill – BFA Painting

Allison Jane Ferdinand – BFA Art Education

Nathan J. Fraser – BFA Illustration

Michaela Louise Frederico – BFA Interdisciplinary Arts

Danielle Rose French – BFA Art Education

Jenna Marie Fritz – BFA A + IM*

May Funda – BFA A + IM*

Kilian Gallagher – BFA A + IM*

Sydney Rose Gauthier – BFA Illustration

Sarah Nicole Gilberg – BFA Painting

Ariana Marlene Gomez – BFA A + IM*

James Mansfield Goodwin Jr. – BFA Illustration

Brittany Marion-Jean Harris – BFA Photo/Video/Film

Cole R. Hatch – BFA Illustration

Evan Steffen Hawkes – BFA Sculpture

Sarah Josephine Henry – BFA Illustration

Kirsten Lee Hoffman – BFA Illustration

Celeste Huezo – BFA Printmaking

Sarah Elyse Jaycox – BFA Sculpture

Mikayla Elizabeth King – BFA Photography

Samantha Adam Klebon – BFA Interdisciplinary Arts

Maeve Lally – BFA Painting

Arthur Michael Lauretano Jr. – BFA A + IM*

Dean J. Mairowitz – BFA Printmaking

Ileana Yvette Martinez – BFA Illustration

Eleanor Louise Mason – BFA Photo/Video/Film

Seán McWilliams – BFA A + IM*

Kyle Rainey Moran – BFA A + IM*

Jessica M. Musso – BFA Painting

Rebecca Anne Nagle – BFA Painting

Taylor K. Nevins – BFA Illustration

Ian J. Norton – BFA A + IM*

Victoria Ortega – BFA Illustration

Lexi Palmberg – BFA Sculpture

Gregory M. Pierce – BFA A + IM*

Alexandria James Principato – BFA Illustration

Mollie Elizabaeth Ralston – BFA Printmaking

Jace Anthony Ricci – BFA Printmaking

Genevieve Madison Rumrill – BFA Photo/Video/Film

Anne Catherine Russell – BFA Illustration

Thomas Neil Rutigliano – BFA Photo/Video/Film

Rose Sauriol – BFA Art Education

Amanda Jane Seaman – BFA Printmaking

Christian Connor Short – BFA Illustration

Cameron Joseph Robert Silva – BFA Sculpture

Deonne Oliveira Sousa – BFA A + IM*

Samuel Reese Swedberg – BFA Illustration

MJ Terry – BFA A + IM*

Samantha Lee Urany – BFA A + IM*

Anya Voshchullo – BFA A + IM*

Alexis Marie Wehler – BFA Photo/Video/Film

Holden Bradford Willard – BFA Painting

Katherine Diana Wojcik – BFA Illustration

The Class of 2020 and their guests will be welcomed back to Beverly on Saturday, Oct. 2 for an 11 am commencement ceremony at The Cabot, 286 Cabot St., Beverly.

The college was unable to hold a commencement ceremony in May of 2020 due to the pandemic and government and health guidelines and restrictions.

“We are looking forward to celebrating this class with the faculty and staff,” said Dr. Kurt Steinberg, president. “They worked hard to pursue their paths to degree completion and we were sorry we were unable to hold a ceremony to acknowledge their accomplishments. We are very excited to be able to welcome them back to campus next fall and offer them this very important milestone.”

The day will feature the traditional march from the Hardie Building with caps and gowns, and banners and bagpipers.

The student chosen by the class as their speaker is Rebecca Jones and the faculty speaker will be Len Thomas-Vickory. Other remarks will be offered by Montserrat Trustees Chair Kent Wosepka, Dr. Steinberg and Academic Dean Brian Pellinen.

Following the ceremony, the graduates and their guests will be welcomed back to Beverly Common for light refreshments.

Members of the class are asked to respond about their attendance and if they will participate in the senior show at this link.