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Artist Bio:

Sophia Dunzelman is currently completing her BFA studies in painting at Montserrat College of Art for May 2020. In her junior year, she received the Carol Schlosberg Scholarship, awarded yearly to an undergraduate exhibiting excellence in painting. Despite concentrating in painting, she is primarily an interdisciplinary artist working with traditional media, photo and video, sculpture, and body painting. An important part of her practice is collaboration, working with artists of different skill sets to create interactive experiences for public spaces.

In 2019 collaboration with Sophia Re (MassArt 21′) and Holden Willard (MCA 21′) culminated into industry: a by artists, for artists collective hosting opportunities for emerging artists on the North Shore. Industry has held several shows at Montserrat and created Our Kitchen, an installation for Punto Urban Art Museum in Salem, MA. When not working on a hands on project her primary roles within Industry are social engagement, event planning, and project management.

Sophia has participated in an Artist’s Notebook Group Show Fertilizer (2018), Montserrat’s annual Open House (2017, 2019), and Montserrat’s sculpture show The Thing Is (March 2020). For 2020, Industry will be holding a pop-up exhibition Cell in Montserrat’s main gallery.


Table Of Contents for Captura Show

Captura is currently being held on Sophia’s website and truly must be visited to understand the whole scope of the show through her use of audio, visual, and video work. The show itself is only available for public view until May 15th. To visit the show and have the full experience go to The Captura Show Here.

To View more of Sophia’s work Visit Her Website Here.

To look more into Industry and all of their work visit their Website and Instagram.