Book By Alum Craig Schaffer (’98) Enters Second Printing

Craig Schaffer’s book “Sketchbook A to Z: An Alphabetical Beginner’s Guide to Pennsylvania Wildlife” has entered a second printing! The book, made in collaboration with author Dave Kline, is now available in paperback courtesy of Masthof Publishing after it sold out its first printing.

Detailed lifelike drawings by Schaffer accompany descriptive poems by Kline, written for each animal of the alphabet. The book is meant to teach children about the beauty of the natural world surrounding them, and opportunities for learning are available on every page.

Craig Schaffer is an award-winning illustrator, graphic designer, and former newspaper columnist in Berks County, Pennsylvania. His two illustrated columns, Snapshot and Sketchbook, appeared weekly in Reading Eagle. There he regularly created detailed news infographics and wrote and illustrated on pop culture and comic book news for the newspaper. He frequently visits elementary schools where he teaches about the importance of nature and art. 

You can pick up a copy of Sketchbook at these links, and you can see more of Schaffer’s recent work at his website,