Brian Pellinen and Rachel Perry Appear in Rocky Neck Exhibition

May 31, 2023

David Curcio (drawing), from Words Matter

The new exhibition at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck features the work of Interim President Brian Pellinen and Trustee Rachel Perry.

Words Matter examines the tensions and intentions created through the interplay of word and image in visual art. Featuring works by Ann Conneman, David Curcio, Susan Erony, Paul Cary Goldberg, Greg Lookerse, Hugo Pellinen, Sarah Hollis Perry, Rachel Perry and Jon Sarkin, the exhibition highlights the very personal and unique ways each of these artists bring text and image into dialogue through the mediums of painting, photography, drawing and sculpture. The exhibition was curated by Cynthia Switzer Roth and Meredith Anderson.

We cannot read words without somehow picturing them nor see images without summoning language from which we derive meaning. Both shape what we see, believe, and experience. Both have power and consequence. It is the familiarity of text that invites the viewer to come in close to ‘read’ the work and to engage in an active way. In bringing these artworks together, the curators hope to draw attention to the interplay of the artists’ intentions and the viewers’ subjective experience. In possession of that awareness, we might become more discerning, aware and empathetic around words, and mindful that how we see or hear may differ greatly from the perceptions of the person next to us.

Words Matter will run from June 8th to July 9th. A public reception will be held on Sunday, June 25th 5-7pm.

Other programming includes an Artists’ Talk to be held on Thursday, June 29th at 7 pm and an event entitled “Why Language Matters” hosted in conjunction with Gloucester’s Diversity & Equity Committee to be held Friday, July 7th.

You can stay updated on the Rocky Neck Art Colony’s website.