Wintersession On-Campus Courses & Travel Programs

unnamedWintersession is designed to allow participants time and instruction to delve into a new skill, subject or even a new country through short-term, intensive courses. From mixed media and warm glass jewelry making, to travel courses in New York and Spain, we have exciting programs for undergraduates and community members alike!

Courses & Travel Programs:

Upcoming Event
December 12/27/2014 Making Art in Spain: The Landscapes, Histories and Cultures of Mallorca
Do you like to make art on location, travel and explore new lands? This adventure gives the artist exciting opportunities to work on location and offers unique environments in which to photograph, draw, sketch, document, collage, video or journal in the rich multifaceted landscapes and geographies of Mallorca, Spain.
January 1/2/2015 I Art New York: An Art Lover’s Field Trip to the Big City
January 2 – 9| $450 – $2,600 | This winter travel to New York with Leonie Bradbury, Director and Curator of Montserrat’s Art Galleries, for a series of in depth investigations of current topics in art. Ever wonder what modernism and postmodernism really mean? Or the difference between the real and the surreal? Using world–class exhibitions as the inspiration for each day’s topic, Leonie Bradbury will unpack critical ideas in art through……
1/5/2015 Business of Art
This intensive course introduces the business skills every artist and creative entrepreneur needs to take their practice to the next level.
1/5/2015 Drawing Basics Intensive | Barbara Moody
This intensive course offers challenging exercises and helpful hints to achieve accurate drawings from observation. Students quickly gain skills in achieving strong tonal values with light and shadow, correct proportion, ellipses and perspective, and dynamic composition. The professor’s demonstrations and image presentations reveal strategies for developing drawings step-by-step from start to finish…..
1/5/2015 Warm Glass Jewelry | James Durrett
Students will learn technical and practical methods used to manipulate glass into objects of their own design in the form of wearable jewelry. The course begins with the basic process of fusing glass together followed by more extensive methods of Wire wrapping to silver soldering. The course is beneficial to those wishing to acquire skills in this area for the first time and to those already familiar with….
– 1/11/2015
Mixed Media Painting on Paper | Maria Malatesta
Free from the apprehension of the blank canvas, painting on paper can be liberating and lead to experimentation and unexpected results. In this workshop, we will work on various papers as a way to generate and explore imagery and ideas. Papers will include vellum, Yupo, rice papers, printing and….
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