Winter Happenings at John Colan’s Hallspace Gallery

February 10, 2023

Adriana G. Prat: Telling the Climate Crisis Tales from Ocean Topographies I, 2022
acrylic, acrylic pen, ink pen on found canvas

Adriana G. Prat: Topographical Visions
Reception: February 11, 2023, 2-5pm

HallSpace presents paintings by Adriana G. Prat, an academically-trained scientist with a Ph.D. in Biophysics. Adriana’s curiosity for the natural world stemmed in her country of birth, Argentina. This influenced her to become a scientist. Living in the USA, Prat’s lifestyle changed, as she became more introspective, and she started making art. Having studied dyed shapes through microscopes her entire life, seeing the hidden beauty, and knowing the significance of those shapes has led to making abstract paintings.

In Topographical Visions, Prat shares her awareness of the environmental crisis. Everyone knows the environment is not doing well. Prat is asking for help. If just one person can be moved to act and do something differently, something that matters to the environment, the world, life might have a chance. Prat a biophysicist writes, “I create my work in a state akin to meditation, contemplating the calamity of the human-made environmental and climate crisis. …Microscopically, the often biomorphic forms I create approximate organism cells, metabolic paths, or intracellular structures I have studied and analyzed in my research days. …I hope my work is a reminder to clear our minds and stop searching outside what we feel is missing. If we truly listen internally, our intuition will reveal we have all we need and we will then stop the disruption and destruction of the marvelous planet we live on and share.”

Adriana G. Prat has exhibited at galleries, academic institutions, art centers, museums, open studios, and alternative spaces in Argentina, and the US. She has also shown in galleries in Reykjavík, Iceland, and London, UK. Adriana is a member of the National Association of Women Artists (NAWA), the Experimental Group of the Rockport Art Association & Museum, and the SoWa Artists Guild, among others. Prat lives and works in Cambridge, MA. She also welcomes visitors to a shared studio in the Boston Art & Design District, SoWa.

Additional News

Montserrat Professor Ari Montford is curating an upcoming show at Hallspace, Black Futures: How to see in Total Darkness. The show will include work from a number of artists, including Montserrat alumnus Jameel Radcliffe (’17).

A number of print-on-demand exhibition catalogues from Hallspace’s recent shows are now available. This includes a catalogue from Montserrat alumna Catalina Viejo Lopez de Roda’s (’05)  show, Self Care and the joint show by Interim Dean of Faculty Stacy Thomas-Vickory and professor of Printmaking Len Thomas-Vickory, Uncivilized.