Chocolate Brings Rich Rewards

January 24, 2011

Alumna Hallie Baker spends her days among turtles – the chocolate kind. Whether topped with pecans or macadamias, white chocolate or dark, the turtles handcrafted in the kitchens of Turtle Alley have been raved about by all the famous foodies. Baker’s small shops in Gloucester and Salem, Massachusetts,  have caught the attention of Rachael Ray, Martha Stewart, Phantom Gourmet and The Boston Globe, to name a few. According to The Gloucester Times, the authors of the food bible “Road Food” have proclaimed the gooey clusters of chocolate and nuts worthy of driving “100 miles to get to.”  In order to establish Turtle Alley, Baker applied her artistic skills not only to her distinctive product but to the process of securing a loan and writing up a comprehensive business plan. She also had to come up with distinctive taglines and an inviting web site. As it says on the site’s homepage, “Life is short. Sin a little.” To sign up for your “turtle alerts” or simply to enjoy the vicarious pleasures of chocolate, visit