Student Sculpture Show 2011

March 23, 2011

Great work everyone who exhibited and participated in the sculpture show!!

Congratulations to senior  Kalimah Muhammed for Best in Show for her plaster and wood piece, TILT, and to sophomore Brian Quinn for Best Craftsmanship for his Bear sheet metal sculpture!

The heartbeat performance results are: Brittany Handiboe, 129; Merriweather McCarty, 192, with an average drawing per hour at 160.5. Two students are identified with the closest estimates. However, a third volunteer, a competitive freshman with a dust mask on, Kosuke Takahashi also sat down for an hour. His total was 216 dpm, skewing the average to 179, allowing for a different set of guessers to qualify.

Student Sculpture Show Movie
Footage: Ethan Berry, Kermit Class | Editing: Georgia Bolender