Steez magazine’s 30th Issue Art Show

February 12, 2014

Update from alumnus Andy Bablo ’07, founder of Steez Magazine, an international snow, skate and culture quarterly:



Well, after careful counting through the archives we’ve confirmed that we actually made it to the 30th issue. We’re not sure how it happened either, but it did. Either way, feel free to waste your workday and read the damn thing now or we’d be happy to take your hard earned money (it’s $5 cheap skates), in exchange for a single copy of course. Issue 30 is worth every nickel… Enjoy!


What’s 30 issues without an art show for cryin out loud!? Stop by on Saturday March 1st at Mingo Gallery for rad little art show. If I have to give you more details than that, you probably should’t come anyways. Fine, here’s the Fbook event pageTwitter, and Instagram.

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Courtesy of Steez Magazine | 17 Knowlton St. #3 Beverly, MA 01915