Spring 2019 Faculty News

June 19, 2019

Congratulations to our talented faculty and their artistic accomplishments outside of the classroom! Here are just a few highlights from our talented teachers this semester:

  • John Colan’s gallery, Hallspace’s current exhibition, Relevant Once, Now Raw Material, has been reviewed in the Boston Globe. You can read the full article here.


  • Professor Martha Buskirk was featured in the Salem News this week talking about her Advanced Visual Studies/Judd-Hume Prize from Edinburgh University in Scotland. Martha will be doing a two-month residency in Edinburgh during the coming academic year and will focus her research on revisiting the problems associated with the Panza collection of works at the Guggenheim. President Kurt Steinberg noted, “We are fortunate enough to have her on the Montserrat faculty and are thrilled that she continues to be recognized by her peers for her outstanding research and writings.” You can see the full article on the prize and Martha’s planned research here.


  • Erin Dionne’s seventh novel for young readers, Secrets of a Fangirl, was officially released on May 28th. The novel is about about feminism, fandom, and finding your place in the world. Many Montserrat students contributed to its creation by talking with Erin about their fandoms. Erin’s new novel can be purchased here. If you’re interested in learning more about Erin’s work, visit her author’s website or follow her on InstagramTwitter, or Facebook.


  • Ethan Berry’s film, The Same, will be shown at a screening program by AgX Boston Film Collective, VISIBLE/INVISIBLE in Buenos Aires during June and July. In this film, the text is an acknowledgement of the arrow of time that cinema represents. In a sense the film unfolds into the past as it passes through the projector. To see some of Ethan’s film work, please visit him on his Vimeo page. To find out more about the AgX Film Collective, please visit their website.


  • Professor Barbara Moody and Kathy Archer are opening a new gallery called FLOAT at 77 Rocky Neck Avenue in Gloucester.  They welcome visitors from the Montserrat community! The gallery is open on weekends now and after June 15th, they’ll be open Tuesday – Sunday 12pm -7pm. The gallery will be showing contemporary paintings, sculptures, and photography by Kathy and Barbara. See the gallery website for more info. You can also follow the gallery on Facebook and Instagram.