SNAAP Report: Arts Degrees Valued in a New Light

March 27, 2013

SNAAP: Strategic National Arts Alumni Project is out with a new report with data indicating arts graduates view success differently than the prevailing wisdom about the value of different college majors. The SNAAP report, Painting with Broader Strokes: Reassessing the Value of an Arts Degree, includes data from nearly 14,000 arts graduates from 154 institutions. A key finding: most arts graduates are happy with their arts education and don’t view salary levels and job prospects as the dominant measures of success.

Key data points from SNAAP’s report:

• 87% are satisfied with their current jobs
• 82% are satisfied with their ability to be creative in their current primary job
• 76% of respondents would attend their degree-granting institution again
• 90% rate their arts school experience either “good” or “excellent”

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