Senior Show: PROXIMITY

April 13, 2012

The most recent senior thesis exhibition Proximity featured students from the Graphic Design program: Eric Pierce, Randi Giles, Lana Wheeler, Arielle Winchester, Zachary Burt and Erin Humphrey.

The reception took place Wednesday, April 11, from 5 – 8 pm and remained on view through April 13.

Proximity focused on arrangement, spaces between things and visual proportions. Each body of work assumes its own identity, through the design of the individual thesis projects and the design of the exhibition.

Senior exhibit openings will continue to be held Wednesday nights from 5 – 8 pm through May 9 at the 301 Gallery on Cabot Street. The public is invited to see this cutting-edge work and talk to the students. This show was the fourth of a series of weekly group exhibitions by graduating seniors of the college. Each small group theme show includes the individual work of each artist, developed in the course of their studies toward their BFA degree at Montserrat. The shows are themed by the students’ concentrations.