Sara Benson Accepted into Yale Norfolk Summer Program

April 23, 2012

Congratulations to current student Sara Benson, who has been accepted into the prestigious 2012 Ellen Battell Stoeckel Fellowship program for the Art Division of the Yale Summer School of Music and Art in Norfolk, CT! The program focuses on painting, drawing, printmaking and digital photography. Only a small group of highly accomplished and diverse students are accepted from the US. The selected students are considered to be the strongest young artists in their current state of development, and who show the greatest curiosity both about the history of art and about art making now!

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This year’s 2012 Commencement Speaker Gregory Crewdson will be one of the visitors to the program this summer! He will also be featured in Montserrat’s Schlosberg Gallery this May!

Also, several alumni and students have been accepted to grad schools: Lillie Harden ’08, MassArt; Eben Kling ‘09, UMass; Catalina Viejo ’05, Hunter College; Chelsea Sams ‘08, University of South Florida; and our 2013 Commencement speaker Arielle Winchester ’12 has been accepted into the BU Graphic Design program. Brian Savignano ’05 had his thesis show this week this month for BU Design.

Congratulations again! This is very exciting news coming from our students and alumni!