Sally Seamans featured in Globe North

December 20, 2013

Montserrat’s Image Librarian Sally Seamans, aka Tin Can Sally, was featured in the Globe North section.

Tin Can Sally

Local Colors Artists’ Cooperative, 121 Main St., Gloucester, MA, 978-283-3996

Gloucester’s Tin Can Sally, otherwise known as Sally Seamans, has been creating art from colorful tins found at yard sales and flea markets for nearly two decades. A Montserrat College of Art graduate, Seamans began working with tin 18 years ago when she first created a mobile out of tin spaghetti containers for a friend who worked as a chef. “I fell in love with tin,” she said. “Sometimes the medium picks the artist.” These days, Seamans says, friends often save their old tins for her to turn into everything from earrings and bracelets to clocks and mobiles. Her angel Christmas tree ornaments (priced at $22-$26) are extra special because, like St. Nick, they only come once a year.

Angel ornaments created by Gloucester’s Tin Can Sally.