Rebecca Goyette – Visiting Artist Talk

October 5, 2020



Rebecca Goyette in conversation with Professor Emily Weiskopf’s Ceramic Sculpture Class.

Rebecca Goyette’s interdisciplinary practice combines video, performance art, costuming, ceramic sculpture, drawing and painting to reflect on fantasy and fulfillment from a feminist perspective. Goyette’s video works and related props/objects draw from archival research, Puritan history, the annals of witchcraft and personal narrative. She embodies a broad range of characters through her practice in an ongoing series of psycho-sexual scenarios, acting as both director and protagonist in these vignettes.

Goyette recounts the psycho-sexual dramas of her direct ancestor, Rebecca Nurse – who fell victim to the gallows in the Salem Witch Trials – in her body of work titled “Ghost Bitch Dramas.” She enacts the mating dance of a lobster in costumed satirical “Lobsta Porns.” Both of these primary characters are reflective of her small town Massachusetts roots, as well as a complex relationship with her father, whose eccentricities play out in her personal mythology. Her practice explores the power dynamics and oppression inherent in gender and sexuality, celebrating sex positivity through a comedic lens, while simultaneously examining the psychology of sexual violence.