Prof. James Ari Montford Included in Rose Art Museum Exhibition

July 9, 2021

Assistant Professor James Ari Montford has work appearing in a new show at the Rose Art Museum at Brandeis University.

The exhibition, re: collections, Six Decades at the Rose Art Museum celebrates the Rose’s 60th anniversary and seeks to highlight “the radical roots from which the museum grew, while showcasing the potential for future transformations. re: collections challenges the conventions of art historical narrative by uncovering new connections, charting alternative genealogies, and inviting innovative interpretations of modern and contemporary art.”

The show combines pieces from the Rose’s permanent collection—such as work by Rene Magritte and Roy Lichtenstein—with work by emerging and historically underrepresented artists. The result is a generation-spanning exhibition that places a diverse selection of artworks in conversation with eachother.

Montford has two pieces in the show, Black Indian Goddess and The Annunciation (both pictured). He sees his work as emerging from realm of being a “cultural practitioner.” Speaking of his practice as a whole, he says:

“My creative process and studio practice involves scholarly exploration conducted in tandem with the development of an aesthetic that seeks to convey a social construct which further focuses on creating an art that considers societal ‘justice.’ This is my exploration of transculturalism.”

To see more of Montford’s work, visit his webpage.

To learn more about the Rose Art Museum, visit their home page here.

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