President Immerman’s STEAM Article in The New England Journal of Higher Education

December 7, 2011

President Steve Immerman’s article on “STEAM not STEM” was published in this week’s New England Journal of Higher Education entitled Letting Off STEAM at Montserrat College of Art. He discussed the necessary innovative skills that students need to succeed in today’s ever changing creative economy and emphasized how essential an education that stimulates creativity and innovation is in today’s climate.

President Immerman is among several other important figures who are constantly promoting the idea that the existing foundation on STEM educational framework (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) should also include an equivalent concentration on Arts and Design.

“Our thinking about education needs to shift from preparing students for specific careers, to preparing students for careers we have not yet even imagined,” said Immerman. “Visual Arts education also demands strong problem-solving skills, engages students in the processes of critical analysis, and prepares students for the give and take of collaborative work. All these perspectives, experiences and skills are central to adaptable and creative lives and careers, regardless of the path an individual student may take.”

Read the full article in The New England Journal of Higher Education.