President Immerman Awarded at Salem Cyberspace Dinner

June 20, 2013

From Left: Montserrat student Miguel Cruz ’14, Director of Salem CyberSpace Linda E. Saris and Montserrat President Steve Immerman.

Montserrat College of Art’s President Steve Immerman was presented with an Educator Award at the Salem Cyberspace Great Expectations June 11 at the Kernwood Country Club. The fundraiser was a benefit for the students they help and Montserrat was a sponsor.

President Immerman was given his award for the help he gave Montserrat student Miguel Cruz ’14, who attended Salem Cyberspace in High School, which helped him to attend and stay at Montserrat!

Beneficiaries are low-income youth, ages 11 – 23, most of whom live with a single parent in a home where English is not spoken. Most of our youth will be the first in their family to graduate from college. See more at: