Paul Erickson: Exhibit and Artist Talk in Library

August 31, 2012

Beverly resident, Paul Erickson, is exhibiting his underwater images and giving an artist talk in Montserrat College of Art’s Paul Scott Library this fall.

Design by the Sea
On View: Aug. 29 – Sept. 21
Artist Talk: Tue, Sept. 4, 11:30 am

See Erickson’s work here:

Artist Statement:

Paul Erickson is passionate about two subjects: biology and art. During his 26-year career at the New England Aquarium, he developed his diving and underwater photographic skills in the Red Sea, the South Pacific, the Caribbean and Loch Ness—as well as in our local New England waters.

At the same time, Paul created many films and multimedia presentations for the New England Aquarium while taking art courses at Montserrat College of Art and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

Today, as the owner of Paul Erickson Studios, LLC, in Beverly, he writes and develops exhibits and illustrations for museums, zoos and aquariums. When time allows, he draws and paints and looks forward to taking more of the excellent continuing education courses at Montserrat.

Artistic Direction:

Paul’s artistic goal is to study marine life and other forms in nature—especially those that remain unseen by most people—and then express them in two dimensions.

At the same time he highly regards experience—observing nature directly, whether you find it on a distant coral reef in the Solomon Islands or in a park in downtown Beverly. What ends up on film, paper, canvas or whatever is a reflection of a moment or a series of moments resulting from the artist being deeply immersed in the natural world.

Whether the outcome of his work fits into the traditional categories of realism or abstraction is of little concern to Paul. For example, the textured detail of an undersea sponge may appear highly abstract—even kaleidoscopic—but in fact the results may be a depiction of precise realism. Paul’s adds that his mentor, Al Brodax, producer of the movie Yellow Submarine, reminds us that, “The Sea is in fact, a fantasy.”