New England Art Awards Nominates Montserrat

February 22, 2012

The New England Art Awards are here again and Montserrat is well represented! Please take some time and vote for these incredible nominees here:

The long list of Montserrat staff and faculty nominated for the New England Art Awards includes Assistant Curator of Education, Maggie Cavallo, Gallery Director and Curator, Leonie Bradbury, Exhibitions Manager, Lucas Spivey, faculty members Damien Cote and Liz Alexander and lifetime friend of the college, Will Barnet.

  • Faculty Liz Alexander is nominated for her installation work including Keeping up Appearances, which was part of Home Sweet Home
  • Print faculty Damian Cote‘s “Mass Militia Banners” hung from regional highway overpasses are nominated for best Public Exposure
  • Faculty Liz Alexander and Samantha Fields installations in the exhibition Home Sweet Home are nominated in the category of “Standout work by a local artist in a group show”
  • Home Sweet Home‘s catalog, with essays by faculty member Esther Tyssen and Leonie Bradbury, is nominated in the category of “Book by a local writer about local art”
  • Maggie Cavallo‘s month long performance series and exhibition Holy Ghost is nominated in the category of best “Concept/Theme Show”
  • Leonie Bradbury‘s Home Sweet Home exhibition also is nominated in the category of best “Concept/Theme Show”
  • Lucas Spivey‘s article “Embedding Experience” is nominated in the category of “Essay by a local writer about locally-made art”
  • The Schlosberg exhibition Small Spaces: Chelsey Tyler Wood is nominated as “Best Solo Show”

Also, please write-in “Montserrat Galleries” to vote for Boston Phoenix’s Best of 2012

“We have hustled incredibly hard this year creating programming for our students and supporting the New England arts community. We would be honored if you would take a moment and vote for us!” -Montserrat Galleries

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