Montserrat Zombies Storm the Streets of Beverly

April 25, 2012

Zombies took to the streets of Beverly in April, searching for “survivors.” What may have appeared like a scene from “The Walking Dead,” was actually students from Montserrat College of Art’s Theatre FX Club!

The club is the combination of the old Theatre Club and the new Special Effects Club. Its focus is to combine the skills of acting and theatre with talents of special effects and costume design. The Zombie Walk throughout the Montserrat campus and downtown Beverly was designed to bring attention to the club and show off the skills of the students involved.

The club currently consists of about 25 students and has only been running for a few months. The Theatre FX Club is run by the clubs leaders and co-founders: Josh Melamed, Tim Olech, Arianne Schwalbe, Ariel Jones, Brittanny Handiboe and Lisa Martinez. The combination of their acting experiences and love for special effects make events such as the Zombie Walk a possibility.

They have many more projects in the works; residents and visitors to the Garden City will see and hear from these students again in the future.

For more information on upcoming events or if you would like to invite the theatre FX club to participate in an event contact our Office of Residential Life at 978-921-4242 x1134 or [email protected].

As featured in the Beverly Citizen.