Montserrat Gifted an Etching Press

November 14, 2012

The Printmaking Department is proud to announce the arrival of “Andre”!

Sculpture Prof. Meredith Morten’s neighbor, Lena Marchi, a known Boston print maker has donated her large etching press along with flat files and miscellaneous printmaking supplies to the college. The press is a top of the line American French Tool etching press. Marchi, a former educator, was pleased to be able to gift her equipment to the college where talented young artists can learn and carry on the tradition.

Over a three month period, Morten negotiated and orchestrated the arrival of the gift to the college. Last Friday, Nov. 9, the 1,845 pound press was wrangled and maneuvered into a 16′ rental truck along with the other items, and delivered to the printmaking studio in the basement of the Hardie Building. A special thank you goes out to Asst. Prof. James Durrett and Prof. Ethan Berry, Asst. Prof. Len Thomas-Vickory, Asst. Prof. Stacy Thomas-Vickory and students Mark Tucker and Jake Spease who were extremely instrumental to the moving process.

It was a community effort and notably, a cross departmental effort!

Courtesy of Prof. Meredith Morten