Montserrat Gallery Summer Pop-up 3: Xubdued Light Film Series Curated by Ethan Berry

June 15, 2015




Montserrat Gallery
Summer Pop-up 3: Xubdued Light
Monday, June 15 – Friday, June 19, 2015
Closing Reception and Performance: Thursday June 18, 7-9pm

Xubdued Light is a series of screenings, curated by Prof. Ethan Berry, of more than 20 films which represent the active experimental film community in Boston. It features a variety of films from the AgX Boston Film Collective. This series of four evening screenings is a part of the Summer Pop-Up shows happening during the month of June at the Montserrat Gallery.

Although mainly known for documentary film, Boston has a rich experimental film making tradition. The films from the AgX collective represent a variety of approaches to the film material and the film form. These films can be considered in broad categories which, Berry thinks represent some of the different approaches to film that encompass and typify contemporary experimental film making.; Found Film and Collage, Camera-less Films, Visual Essays and Journals, and Documents. Berry emphasizes that the primary point of departure would be that the work should have originated on film. This conceit takes into account the fact that many filmmakers present their work in a variety of formats. As a result, this series will contain work in Super-8, 16mm silent and sound, digital video and projection/performance.

Oracle, image by Doug Urbank

Ethan Berry is an artist and film maker and faculty member at Montserrat College of Art where he coordinates a Capstone Seminar and teaches film and photography. This screening series is part of a larger project which involves researching film collectives both in the US and worldwide. This is the first screening representing the recently formed Boston film collective: AgX.

Participating film makers:
Laura Ryan
Saul Levine
Paul Turano
Kathryn Ramey
Susan DeLeo
Youjin Moon
Luther Price
Joe Shepard
Mariya Nikiforova
Stefan Grabowski
Robert Todd
Doug Urbank
Luis Armias
Kimberly Forero-Arnias
Kevin Rice
Jeff Silva

Nightly Screening Events
Monday, June 15th: 4:30 and 7pm
Tuesday, June 16th: 4:30 and 7pm
Wednesday, June 17th: 4:30 and 7pm
Thursday, June 18th: Closing Reception and Performance by Laura Ryan, 7-9pm


Upcoming Summer Pop-ups:

Pop-up 4: June 22 – June 26, 2015
Field Days: with New Craft Artists in Action curated by Pam Campanaro
Closing Reception: Thursday, June 25, 4-6pm


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