Montserrat Galleries = Top 10 in Boston

January 4, 2012

Congratulations to Gallery Director Leonie Bradbury for being recognized (again!) for Montserrat College of Art’s spring 2011 exhibit Debt to Pleasure. The exhibit was featured in The Boston Globe’s list of “Top Gallery Exhibits in 2011.”

“For unadulterated visual luxury, nothing beat A Debt to Pleasure, a ravishing yet unsettling show organized at Montserrat College of Art Gallery by gallery director Leonie Bradbury,” said Cate McQuaid from The Boston Globe. “Artists played off the hallucinatory beauty evoked in allegorical strains of art history, from 17th-century Dutch painting to 19th-century American folk art. Set together in a contemporary gallery, these works evoked a heightened sense of time’s gulf, and how we shape history to fit our present-day needs.”

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