November 9, 2011

Take a look at Montserrat Galleries’ incredible array of innovative exhibitions of contemporary art that feature regional, national and international artists, ranging from emerging to established! Through creative and pragmatic programming, the galleries have been dramatically augmenting the academic learning environment of Montserrat College of Art. By celebrating artistic excellence, their goal is to cultivate an understanding of the culture and current trends in the art world, celebrate artistic excellence, and inspire a lifelong involvement in art and design.

At the heart of Montserrat Galleries is a drive to support students and give them the tools and inspiration to become successful professional artists. Through exhibitions and programming, Montserrat Galleries have truly redefined what it means to be a Teaching Gallery. Every year 40 or more artists and arts professionals are invited to campus to conduct classroom visits, collaborative projects, critiques, and formal presentations that are intentionally designed to satisfy the learning outcomes of our students and faculty.
–Maggie Cavallo, Assistant Curator of Education at Montserrat

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