Montserrat Faculty, Alumni and Students Involved in Creating Insomnia Comic Book

December 3, 2015

unnamedMontserrat faculty member David Ferreira worked with Comics and Sequential Art at Createspace to create a compilation of short comics and illustrations revolving around the theme of insomnia.

Insomnia is a collection of illustrated works from Montserrat College of Art’s Illustration Department and course Comics & Sequential Art and is now available in H-307 in the Illustration office for $8.

Books are also available through the Createspace website or through Amazon.
unnamedInsomnia: A Collection of Comics and Illustrations

Authored by David W Ferreira, Hannah Keyes, Sarah Downie

Authored with Samantha Wyckoff, Anthony Milani, Ezra Jay Bolender, Ayden Borowski, Sebastian Sawyer, Michael Proia, Sayyid Lestrade, Brynn Walker, Kat Rosengarten, Shannon Blencowe

Designed by Alexandra Bonin

Illustrated by Kisment Debnam, Shannon Murphy, Sarah Ryan, Amanda Prather, Ashleigh MacIsaac, Ciaran Gaffney

Both Ferreira and illustration instructor and alumnus Greg Orfanos ’01 also have monster-themed work showing at Gulu Gulu Cafe in Salem this month.