Montserrat Exhibits at the MAA

November 3, 2011

The Marblehead Arts Association November exhibit entitled Figurative Works features work from alumnus Aaron Berger ’11 and faculty member Ian Factor. Aaron will be exhibiting his  Cartography series in the Emerging Artist Gallery while Ian will display Recent Figurative Works in the Parlor Gallery throughout November.

Opening Reception: Sunday, Nov. 6, 2 – 4 pm, Marblehead Arts Association, 8 Hooper St., Marblehead. Aaron and Ian’s work will be displayed along with photographer John Weidenbruch, “Drawing from the Nude” works from MAA’s weekly life drawing class, and pastel portraits from the 1930s.

Aaron’s Cartography series was created by layering hand-dyed paper, clippings from 20th century maps, typography, and even sections from The New York Times. (*Cartography is the study or practice of making maps) Aaron studies the different ways of modeling our world events and then creates a visual to demonstrate the literal or emotional distance between these events. In effect he is creating a map of time, instead of location. In keeping with the spirit of Aarons creative process he could never know where his work would end up. Rather than traveling down roads that he already knows, Aaron and his collaborators blaze trails and find new ways of connecting current events.

Ian’s exhibit includes a small collection of his recent figurative paintings and drawings. All of his paintings capture moments of human emotions, thoughtfulness, and mystery bringing his figures on the canvas to life. Ian  will also have a portrait demonstration Nov. 20 from 2–5pm.

Find out more about Aaron’s work at his website: & the MAA Figurative Works exhibit at