Montserrat Draws Italy

November 5, 2011

Montserrat students Peter Bergamo Jr. ’12, Mori Clark, Lana Wheeler, Lindsey Desrosiers, Illustration Instructor Kelly Murphy, Prof. Fred Lynch share their drawing from this summer’s study abroad trip to Viterbo, along with many others who participated in the program.

Each July, Montserrat hosts a four-week residential program affording art students and enthusiasts a unique opportunity to live and study in a country famous for its rich cultural legacy. This past summer, Montserrat traveled to Viterbo, Italy.

The drawings are from a Journalistic Drawing in Italy course, taught by Prof. Lynch, where students developed a series of images in a sketchbook journal, based on their experiences in Italy. Students closely observed, documented, and commented on their investigations of various aspects of Italian life and culture. Classes were held in the Accademia di Belli Arte in Viterbo, about 90 minutes north of Rome.

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